Kent Memorial Lutheran Church
New Building Project Progress Photos - 3/7/2004 to 4/24/2005

Architects Drawing Of New Building Currently Under Construction!
"Beginning The Next Fifty Years"

Architects Drawing Of New Building

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Where we started from at 3-7-04 Ground breaking
Photo taken 2002

Ground Breaking Ceremony, Sunday, March 7th, 2004

Work Begins
May 11th, part of old sanctuary comes down to make way for new sanctuary

May 11th, Foundation for fellowship/Sunday school addition completed.

May 16th,South end,
 demolition in progress for new sanctuary

May 23rd, South end, excavation of new sanctuary complete

May 23rd, North end, Fellowship/SS addition sub floor complete

May 23rd, interior of former sanctuary, front demolished & gone

June  5th,  Fellowship hall framing well along

June 5th,  Footings for foundation stared under new Sanctuary started

Inside of new Sanctuary August 17, 2004

Inside of Fellowship Hall addition August 17, 2004

Temporary Worship Area in existing fellowship hall
 Aug. 17, 2004

New Sanctuary
August 18, 2004

New Sanctuary
Oct. 23, 2004

New Entrance in front of old
Oct. 23, 2004

Interior looking thru old sanctuary [new narthex]

Interior looking from left rear to right front 10-24-04

Photo taken Nov. 17, 2004 Looking from rear to front
Temporary Worship area in fellowship hall, for the first time using part of new expansion
Attendance at early service today 10-24-04 was 132 
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Dec. 30, 2004
Ready for 1st Worship on
Jan 2, 2005

First Worship Service In New Sanctuary Jan. 2, 2005

March 14, 2005
Fellowship hall photos taken March 13, 2005  Click on photo to view enlargement

Composite of 4 Photos taken Aug 18, 04 and stitched together
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Composite of 4 photos taken Aug. 27, 04 and stitched together

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Composite of photos taken Oct. 23, 04
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Progrerss is awesome!  Photos taken Nov. 17, 04
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Siding, Masonry, Sofit & Facia completed March 3, 2005.
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Dedication Sunday 4/24/05

Click here for 16 photo slide show of 1st service in new sanctuary on 1/2/05